Presentation at the Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality

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Our team member, Professor Philip Hubbard (Urban Studies, King’s College, London), recently gave a presentation at the  Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender and Sexuality. He explained how the urban sex work market, and those involved in it, are shaped and affected by changes that occurred in the context of the World Football Cup (Rio de Janeiro, 2014) and the subsequent 2016 Olympics.

How did these sport mega-events and their related urban policies impact individuals within in the sex sector? Which changes did those individuals encounter, and how were their work practices affected? Which strategies did they develop to deal with and navigate the new legal regulations?

Drawing on our extensive fieldwork, Prof Hubbard analysed the impact of the World Football Cup and Olympics on the sex work sector, focusing on the agency of individuals located in that field. The research included interviews, document analysis and observational data, among other methods.

You can read more about this here.

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