Prospol Conference on ‘Displacing Sex for Sale’

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  Dr Amanda de Lisio, Post Doctoral Research Fellow for our ESRC-funded project, Sexual Spaces, presented during the Cost action Prospol conference on ‘displacing sex for sale’ in the panel: “religion, spirituality, family, kinship and sexual markets in Brazil”. Her presentation, entitled “Deviant Development and Spiritual Interpellation: Sex Work and Afro-Brazilian Religion” was part of the […]

After the Olympics: stories from Rio’s sex workers

Professor Michael Silk and Dr Amanda De Lisio featured project research at The Conversation. Post-Olympic crisis At the time, Brazil was named as the first Latin American host of an internationally-recognised sporting mega-event, and it was on the brink of economic boom. The Lula oil field (formerly, Tupi old field) was found in 2006, off […]

What you don’t see – O que você não vê

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  What you don’t see about prostitution. This online exhibition shows the very first outcome of Sexual Spaces Project: Sex work in the context of sports mega events: Examining the impacts of Rio 2016. This exhibition is the very first eye on the Sexual Spaces project’s results which attempt to understand the prostitution behind the cameras, […]