FIFA/IOC-Sanctioned Development and the Collapse of Queer Space (Bulletin of Latin American Research)


Based on ethnographic research conducted since April 2014, this paper will examine the intersection between mega-event security apparatuses, event-led urbanism, and local geographies of desire. We argue that urban sanitisation strategies (particularly those derived from a constellation of foreign interest) threaten local geographies of desire but remain dependent upon erotic space and subjectivities in (trans)national exchange and everyday economic salvation. The erasure of sexual diversity is a case with which to examine the impact of FIFA/IOC-sanctioned urban renewal, and the manner in which local bodies (particularly those deemed sexually ‘‘deviant’’) are repeatedly forced to circumvent these globally determined processes of development.

Citation: De Lisio, A. & Sodré, J. (in press). FIFA/IOC-Sanctioned Development and the Collapse of Queer Space. Manuscript requested for Special Issue of Bulletin of Latin American Research. Journal website available at