Thaddeus Blanchette

Mar 04, 2017

Dr. Thaddeus Blanchette is an anthropologist and professor/researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He studies “gringos”, prostitution, sexual tourism and the trafficking of women in Brazil and has written extensively on these topics for academic and popular magazines in Brazil and the United States. With his wife and co-researcher Ana Paula da Silva, he has mapped Rio’s commercial sex and tourism industry. He works in tandem with Davida, a local prostitutes’ rights association, and the Brazilian Prostitutes’ Network to combat the stigmatization of sex workers. He was the co-founder of Prostitution Policy watch, an extension and research nucleus operating out of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He is a representative for Davida on both the Brazilian National and Rio de Janeiro State anti-trafficking councils. Dr. Blanchette has written some 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles on sex work, trafficking and sexual tourism.